JAMES LAMPKIN is the creator of “Conversations with Lamp” Follow him on IG @conversationswithlamp. Join Mr. Lamp as he has discussions of inspiration, motivation, and keeps you entertained by his many guests.

” I got married to my wife when I was 23, we just celebrated 17 years of marriage in March. I must admit, it definitely has been a challenge, but the one thing I realized was how I wasn’t open with her in our beginning years. It took years for me to open up, I just did not realize how important this was. I would have challenges, but rather than share them with the woman who loves me and knows me the most, I would instead keep it to myself. When you are not open with your spouse about your deepest fears, what motivates you, just what you are feeling, it creates a blockage. When you commit to a person, it should be with the understanding that you trust that person with not only you physically, but most importantly mentally. We should never turn to someone before giving our spouse the opportunity to hear us. I will admit, it took me YEARS to understand this! Now that I finally do, it has been a great benefit” -James Lampkin

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