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When Life throws S%!T, throw the S%!T back!!!!

What an orwellian world we seem to be living in where propaganda, fiction, lies seemingly blend together. Existential conversations of dread and dismay covet our pysch whilst we stay “locked […]

mandates of masks

As the spread of the coronavirus worsens, as well the cacophony of information about the contraction and symptoms, face coverings are becoming more and more common place throughout cities and […]

Martial Law of the Mind

Fear, worry, isolation, doubt has taken over the mantra of our minds these last few weeks. The news each day is not riddled with a quantum of diverse acts of […]

A Dance Party: An ode to Resilience

The resilience of our humanity during tough times is awe-inspriring. The things we do when we are given lemons, oh how sweet we make the lemonade I tuned in this […]

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