Ghosting: It’s a thing?

So first of all, Ghosting is actually defined. For those that didn’t know, it is defined as a “ practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication” I have to admit, as insignificant as the act is, the feelings for the ghostee can be devastating. Imagine having regular communication with somone and they just “poof” and … Continue reading Ghosting: It’s a thing?

Dating a Narcissist: Lesson Learned

The interesting play of emotions that occur during the dating phase can be nauseating, but couple that with dating, loving and interacting with a narcissist it then becomes a separate battle ram of emotional tennis.  A Narcissist will see you as the new project of the moment  not to say a narcissist cannot be won over, and find love but if you are an emotional being like me, then this is … Continue reading Dating a Narcissist: Lesson Learned