Martial Law of the Mind

Fear, worry, isolation, doubt has taken over the mantra of our minds these last few weeks. The news each day is not riddled with a quantum of diverse acts of media’s pension for violence but instead a single focus on the world as the pandemic continues to flow, like an orgasmic river filled with fear. The number of deaths, quarantines, and curfews have opened a … Continue reading Martial Law of the Mind

A Dance Party: An ode to Resilience

The resilience of our humanity during tough times is awe-inspriring. The things we do when we are given lemons, oh how sweet we make the lemonade I tuned in this passed Sunday , and saw DJ-D-Nice lead a virtual dance party on Instagram and it was more than nice!! Over 160K people joined including myself. It was called “Homeschool at the club” and everyone seemed … Continue reading A Dance Party: An ode to Resilience