Ghosting: It’s a thing?

So first of all, Ghosting is actually defined. For those that didn’t know, it is defined as a “ practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication” I have to admit, as insignificant as the act is, the feelings for the ghostee can be devastating. Imagine having regular communication with somone and they just “poof” and … Continue reading Ghosting: It’s a thing?

Stop Spreading the Infection: Users and Manipulators

Manipulative people are those that use people for their own self gratification, their own needs and self importance. A very disrespectful, and just plain mean display of power. A person that is a chronic user, has issues they themselves are dealing with, and have turned to using and manipulating are not just fulfilling a temporary need, but they are also trying to feel an emptiness … Continue reading Stop Spreading the Infection: Users and Manipulators

Lifting the Connection and moving on

How to move on when the love didn’t last When you break up, stop seeing a person, or you have been ghosted. ( which I think is so cowardly) but anyway, its difficult to say the least. It doesn’t matter if you spoke to someone every other Monday, now every other Monday they are not there.  Don’t let anyone tell you, to just “get over … Continue reading Lifting the Connection and moving on