Assistance Amid Fears

This virus has caused heightened fears and paranoia. There is “end-of-the-world syndrome, bouts of anxiety and fear and financial woes. there are financial campaigns for global relief such as: which sends money directly to people who are extremely poor and in this crisis needs even more assistance. FRONT LINES Our local grocery and service companies are on the front lines. Amid fears, they continue … Continue reading Assistance Amid Fears

The Crisis of Timing

The fabric of our being is thin. Your mind being thrust about as if in an oversized web, with cascading fractions of light emitting from the those small holes, flickering when you deviate one way or the other with those seeking the meaning of life, the meaning of our way of being, the meaning of love struggling incessantly to comprehend the non comprehendable and believe … Continue reading The Crisis of Timing

Reinventing the Will by Weathering the Storm

You will forever hear about the storm that is brewing with talking Motivation and spiritual guidance. The storm can be anything, a series of emotions that break you down, stop you in your tracks. Think of the perfect storm, here is a definition from Wikipedia rare combination of circumstances drastically aggravates the event. The term is used by analogy to an unusually severe storm that … Continue reading Reinventing the Will by Weathering the Storm