Today’s society has dictated so much, we count, we measure, we label. The “you” has become the number of likes , loves, hearts that we receive. The many out weigh […]

Self and Wealth: you can’t have one without the other

There is a correlation between Self and Wealth. Financial Freedom classes are filled all the time, standing room only for many of them.  “I will tell you how to make […]

Filing the Void: part 1

You are going through the process of longing, grieving, hurt and maybe some pain at the loss of someone walking away or a relationship ending. You really want this heartbreak […]

Victim Mindset

Mentally crippling, a depressing and negative way of being. Having a victim mindset stalls your progress in all aspects. Blaming, complaining, worry and unworthiness.  This could be a natural way […]

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