The Crisis of Timing

The fabric of our being is thin. Your mind being thrust about as if in an oversized web, with cascading fractions of light emitting from the those small holes, flickering when you deviate one way or the other with those seeking the meaning of life, the meaning of our way of being, the meaning of love struggling incessantly to comprehend the non comprehendable and believe … Continue reading The Crisis of Timing

Manifesting: World Defined

We are in a BrainBootcamp, we just keep marching to the cadence call of “Left, Left, Left” just cannot hear the “RIGHT”. So we are constantly going in circles instead of moving forward. We create barriers for ourselves as we get older. “limitations” become a way of life, and we make “If” and “because” statements such as: “I can only go so far because….” “If … Continue reading Manifesting: World Defined