A Dance Party: An ode to Resilience

The resilience of our humanity during tough times is awe-inspriring. The things we do when we are given lemons, oh how sweet we make the lemonade I tuned in this passed Sunday , and saw DJ-D-Nice lead a virtual dance party on Instagram and it was more than nice!! Over 160K people joined including myself. It was called “Homeschool at the club” and everyone seemed … Continue reading A Dance Party: An ode to Resilience

Assistance Amid Fears

This virus has caused heightened fears and paranoia. There is “end-of-the-world syndrome, bouts of anxiety and fear and financial woes. there are financial campaigns for global relief such as: GiveDiretly.com which sends money directly to people who are extremely poor and in this crisis needs even more assistance. FRONT LINES Our local grocery and service companies are on the front lines. Amid fears, they continue … Continue reading Assistance Amid Fears

The Corona Effect

The silence in the streets is deafening. Not much traffic and even less people at the local wine social lounge. Social Media, News, word of mouth, spread faster than the virus. People battened down the hatches and instructing each other through news, songs, prose, quotes and comic relief to stay home and wash your hands and don’t move, Stoked with fear, the masses stampeded through … Continue reading The Corona Effect